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IMVU Creator Program Update

Many creators already have heard from the Forums, but er wanted to update the community on progress IMVU is making on simplifying the experience of creating items for their creator service.

In the first six months on the job, the focus has been in three specific areas:

  • The Creator Help Documentation
  • The Creator File Organization

The roadmap for a new set of Creator tools and a simpler and more robust art pipeline.

The Creator Help Documentation:

I’m sure all Creators can tell you that imvu help files were… imperfect. The organization and construction was confusing, and with the excessive page linking it was easy to get lost just trying to follow a single thread.

So, Imvu went back to the drawing board – in some cases literally – and have now organized the documents around the type of Creator you are or want to learn to become. In the past, – it was challenging to be sure what you were supposed to read to express your creative ideas quickly..

Today IMVU is launching the 1.0 version of the new Creator Central Knowledgebase!

You will note that the first thing the new site does is ask you what kind of Creator you are.

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